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* 1. October Car Accident Awareness Month provides basic information to support people involved in a car collision. First, question is presented and answer follows before next question. Ready to test your knowledge? Lets begin.

In what month do more car wrecks typically happen?

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* 2. Answer to 1: October is the answer.

Are you guaranteed to receive benefits from Auto Insurance Company after filing a claim, even when premium payments are up-to-date?

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* 3. Answer to 2: No. Auto Insurance Companies often use their own discretion on whether to pay out benefit claims. The range can be from approve, delay, deny, or go to trial. Therefore, you cannot always depend on their support.

The purpose of Insured Civil Rights Legislation is:

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* 4. Answer to 3: All those above. The goal of Insured Civil Rights is to protect the interest of those injured in car accidents against those who would take advantage of their positions of power against those with few resources.

How easy is it for people coming up against Auto Insurance Companies or Self-Insured Employers who act as Employee's Insurance Companies to present grievances and receive a fair shake?

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* 5. Answer to 4: Most people find it difficult getting benefits or fair resolution from Auto Insurance Companies or Employers. This is why advocacy is so important. Please support Insured Civil Rights.

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