AFP Global Chapter Spotlights

The AFP Chapter Spotlight program provides a platform for chapters to share their successes, learn from one another, and inspire excellence in the fundraising profession.

Has your chapter implemented a project/event you would like to share with other chapters in the AFP community?

Select a category of spotlight and use the form below to share your chapter’s creative projects, activities, and initiatives. Select entries will be featured in our Chapter Spotlight Gallery to acknowledge your chapter's hard work and provide your fellow chapters an opportunity to replicate your success.

Spotlight Categories:

IDEA Initiative
This category of spotlight highlights the chapter’s efforts to create an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible environment through an IDEA initiative. It includes questions on collaboration efforts, challenges encountered, program history, success stories, and pitfalls to avoid. The section also provides advice for other chapters looking to start a similar program.

Mentoring Program
This category of spotlight highlights the chapter's efforts to engage emerging leaders and their proudest accomplishments related to the program. It also explores the importance of leadership development and succession planning for the profession and the community. This survey includes questions on scholarship programs, program benefits, and the role of the program in fostering leadership development.

National Philanthropy Day
This category of spotlight highlights the importance of National Philanthropy Day (NPD) to the chapter's community and the awards recognized by the chapter. It includes questions on changes made to the NPD program, the biggest successes achieved, challenges encountered, and advice for chapters looking to improve their NPD program. The section also explores what the chapter is most excited about for NPD.

Professional Development/Education
This category of spotlight highlights innovative education programs that the chapter has implemented. It includes questions on the subjects covered at the event, how subject matter experts were sourced, challenges you faced, and the impact of the program.
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