Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the Michigan Museums Association (MMA).  MMA shares expertise and resources to promote standards and practices that make the Michigan museum community thrive. Our volunteers make that possible!

MMA is a member organization, and we expect all volunteers to be either designated staff as part of an institutional membership or individual members.  This makes it possible to use the members section of the MMA website to coordinate projects and volunteer efforts.  It also ensures that there is enough structure to the organization to support volunteers and ongoing projects.  If you do not know if your institution is a member or if you are a designated staff as part of an institutional membership, please contact the MMA office.

Every effort will be made to utilize everyone who offers to volunteer for MMA. Opportunities are available for both specific projects with a required commitment, or ongoing tasks that are opt in on an case-by-case basis. Current volunteer needs and projects are listed on the MMA website.

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Please indicate the level of interest and time you have available.

Occasional- I have a limited amount of time to spend, but would like to help when I can.

Regular- I can commit to a certain amount of time each month.

Significant- I can commit to participating in a bigger project that will require a commitment of more than just a few hours a month.

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Please indicate the type of MMA inititative you would be most interested in supporting.

Expertise- promoting professional standards, best practice, and tool that will help Michigan’s museums thrive.

Engagement- bringing together the people who are doing the work of museums to share their own expertise, resources, and common experience.

Advocacy- helping to share the value of museums and help museums tell the story of how they are making a difference in their communities.

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* Is there a current volunteer need or project you are interesting in being involved in (see MMA website for list)?

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* What skills and experiences can you offer as an MMA volunteer?

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