WASDA and AWSA are once again sponsoring The Wisconsin Summit for Data Informed Leadership, scheduled for March 1-2, 2018 at the KI Center in Green Bay. Understanding data and embedding effective data practices in a cycle of inquiry is a pre-requisite for sustained school and system improvement. The Summit will allow participants to focus on data and assessment practices and provide practical strategies for strengthening data review processes and collaboration opportunities for the benefit of student learning as well as allow time for action planning. 

We are seeking proposals for concurrent sessions within five strands.
*Utilizing Data Information Sources
*Developing Data Literacy
*Leveraging Assessment
*Maximizing Collaboration
*Coaching for Equity and Excellence

Below are some suggested session topics...

Processes and Protocols for:
* Conducting an Assessment Audit
* PLC collaboration 
* Data team cycles
* Analysis of student work
* Monitoring local data sources
* Growing capacity in data literacy
* Coaching cycles for reflective teaching

Leadership stories of:
*maximizing Professional Learning Communities
*providing feedback that impacts teaching and learning
*building capacity for building/system continuous improvement
*gap closing initiative management
*change management

Presentations will be delivered within an hour long concurrent session on either March 1 or 2. If selected, a date and time will be assigned.

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* 5. Select the strand most applicable to your session.

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