The ASSESS Initiative is working to significantly expand the use and business benefit of software tools for performing model-based analysis, simulation, systems engineering, and simulation-driven design in the engineering applications domain.

Please take a few minutes to take the following survey to enable us to guide and influence software strategies.

Thank you for your time and feedback.

* 1. What are the primary types of simulations and analyses performed at your company?  Check all that apply:

* 2. What are the primary tools you use to perform simulations and analyses at your company? Check all that apply:

* 3. Please rank the top 5 simulation tools in terms of importance to your company. (Even if you personally don't use them).

* 4. Please select the primary benefits to your company achieved by using simulations and analyses.

* 5. In your company, what level of management makes the decision on which simulations and analyses tools are purchased?

* 6. In your company, does senior management understand the value of simulations and analyses tools?

* 7. How do the engineers at your company justify the use and cost of simulations and analyses tools?