German-Australian relations – 2

For 40 years now the German-Australian Chamber has fostered bilateral relations between Germany and Australia. In order to push things forward and to achieve the set goals, both governments have launched a project group in 2014.
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* Q13: The Australia-Germany Advisory Group (AGAG) was established in November 2014 by the heads of government of Germany and Australia. Their task: submit recommendations for a comprehensive renewal of bilateral relations. How many recommendations has the Australia-Germany Advisory Group issued in its report “A fresh look at links between Australia and Germany”?

* Q14: Who were the two co-chairs and signatories of the report?

* Q15: The report recommends that from 2016 onwards, Germany and Australia should hold an annual ‘2+2’ strategic dialogue. Who is involved in this dialogue?

* Q16: One recommendation of the report is also a Free Trade Agreement. Who should ideally be involved in this Trade Agreement?

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