I would like to find out what you think of the portal and how often you use it.

* 1. Are you in:

* 2. Do you like to use the portal?

* 3. Choose all of the reasons why you use the portal:

* 4. How often do you visit your portal?

* 5. What problems have you had using the portal?

* 6. Does the portal help you do your school work?

* 7. What are your two favourite sites on the Internet? Please write the URL or web addresses.

* 8. What do you think about the following parts of the portal?

  Very useful Useful Don't use it Not very useful Useless
Folders and Files

* 9. Do you have any other comments about the portal?

* 10. Would you like to have access to the following functions from your portal?

  Yes No
Your daily schedule
Your report card
Your school's Daily Bulletin
Your school's monthly calendar
Exam Schedules
100% of survey complete.