Monthly Breakfast 

The Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce monthly business breakfast is an opportunity for members to connect with the peers, build networks and deepen their understanding of business topics and issues! Please help us improve our event by answering the following questions: 

* 2. How did you learn about this event?

* 3. What was the main reason for attending this event:

* 4. Overall how satisfied are you with the program:

* 5. Overall how appropriate was the topic/program to you as a business professional and a Chamber member?

* 6. To what extent was the presenter familiar and knowledgeable about the subject matter:

* 7. Was the main presenter/presentation unbiased and free of commercial content:

* 8. How would you rate the venue?

* 9. How would you rate the food relative to similar events?

* 10. What best describes your position?

* 11. What is the size of your business? (FTE: Full-Time Equivalents)

* 12. What best describes your Chamber membership status?

* 13. As business, rate the importance of each of the following agenda items/activities, as it may impact your attendance and participation in future events. 

  Very Important  Important Neutral Of Little Importance Not at all important 
Educational content
Chamber Updates
Pre or post event social time
Introduction of new chamber members
Listening to every person in the room make a 30 second commercial
Recognizing and meeting Chamber board members
Visiting vendor tables and booths at the event
Recognizing and meeting elected officials
Winning a door prize or raffle item
Being entertained with fun activities

* 14. Did you gain a new perspective, a deeper understanding, or will you change a behavior/practice based on what you experienced today?

* 15. Considering the overall value, and what you paid for the event , was it ....

* 16. Based on your awareness of other similar events, is this activity better, the same or worse?

* 17. What future topics would you like to see more of? 

* 18. General Comments or Other Topics of Interest