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* 1. In your search for consumer health information, did you visit ( check ALL that apply):

* 2. If you used the Health Resource Center ( the physical consumer health library in the new building at St. Joseph Hospital), please check ALL resources that you used at the Health Resource Center

* 3. The Health Resource Center is only occasionally staffed by volunteers. Was a volunteer available to assist you in the HRC?

* 4. If you answered NO to Question # 3 ( a volunteer was NOT available to assist you when you visited the HRC), would the availability of a volunteer/library staff member have helped you?

* 5. Volunteers/library staff are not clinicians. They cannot interpret, explain or recommend. With that in mind, please rate their assistance to you in finding health information:

* 6. IF you used the Health Resource Website (http://www.sjhhealthresourcecenter.org), please rate the website:

  Very Good OK Needs Improvement N/A
Ease of Use
Quality and Amount of Information

* 7. IF you were referred to Burlew Medical Library, please rate the following:

  Very Good OK Needs Improvement N/A
Friendliness and Helpfulness of Library Staff
Information Provided by Library Staff

* 8. Thank you very much for your feedback. Do you want to recognize or comment on any specific volunteer or library staff member? If so,