Your opinion is very important to help us provide excellent customer service to our employees and customers. We appreciate your time in completing this survey.

Please rate the level of service you received from our Division.

* 3. What was the date that you had contact with the employee?

* 4. We strive to greet each person in a friendly manner. How well were you greeted?

* 5. How well did the employee communicate with you, including listening and understanding your needs?

* 6. Please rate how knowledgeable and effective our employee was in assisting you.

* 7. Please rate how well your questions were answered and information explained.

* 8. Our goal is to treat each customer with courtesy and respect. How well did we meet our goal?

* 9. Please rate the timeliness of our response to your concerns or issues.

* 10. Please rate how well your needs were met.

* 11. Please include any additional comments regarding the assistance you received by the employee. Be sure to include the employee's name along with your comments.

* 12. What can we do to improve our customer service?

* 13. OPTIONAL: If you would like to receive a response to any of your concerns, please list your name and phone number or e-mail address below.