Please rate the following areas that you feel describes the Law School's IT department.
1-Poor; 10-Excellent

* 1. The IT department's ability to resolve your IT challenge in a timely manner.

* 2. The IT department's effectiveness in providing technical assistance to the West Campus community.

* 3. The IT department's response time from your IT challenge.

* 4. How satisfied are you with your overall interaction with (IT) support?

* 5. Please check all that apply.

* 6. How satisfied were you with the quality of support in resolving your most recent problem?

* 7. Are you aware that IT is split between servicing the Law School and the School of Divinity?

Are you aware that a customer satisfaction form exist for every service call made by the IT department?

* 8. Have you used the service feedback form?

On the Law School website, under the Information Technology tab, there is a Helpdesk Feedback Form.

* 9. What technologies have you seen at other Law Schools that you would like to see here at Howard University School of Law?

* 10. What other technologies would you like to see on West Campus?

* 11. What would you like to change about IT?

* 12. Please add any other comments, complaints or compliments in this area.