Parent Feedback Survey


* How are you connected to Eddins Elementary?

* What does our PTA do that is helpful, useful, or fun?

* What activities could our PTA add, remove, or do differently?

* Do you have any suggestions for items you'd like PTA to consider purchasing for the school?

* PTA holds several meetings each school year called "PTA Gatherings" that we'd love for YOU to attend in order to gain insight into and give your input on various school activities. Which days of the week and times of day would be most convenient for you to attend?

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning (before school, at start of school, etc.)
Lunch (midday, brown bag lunch, etc.)
Evening (before evening school ceremonies or activities)

* Active and engaged families are the key to success for students. What tools can the PTA provide you with to make your child's potential a reality?

* What topics could PTA present at general meetings to better equip you as a parent or teacher?