Survey Introduction

Background Information
You are invited to participate in a research project that is designed to identify strategies for both the healthcare system and the private sector to increase the resiliency of the business community during the next pandemic influenza. The research is being conducted by Martin Spriggs, a graduate student in the Master of Arts Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management (MADEM), at Royal Roads University in British Columbia, Canada. My credentials with Royal Roads University can be established by calling Alex Morrison, (Director), School of Peace and Conflict Management, 250-391-2600 ext. 4312

Research Objectives
The objectives of this study is to understand how health related issues affected business continuity in the business community during H1N1 Pandemic, understand how businesses received information on health related matters during H1N1 Pandemic and to identify any barriers which may have impeded access to health related information from the healthcare system previously under reported, unanticipated or unacknowledged during H1N1 Pandemic. The sponsor for this research is Population and Public Health of Alberta Health Services.

You were selected to participate in the research because you are a member of the Alberta Chamber of Commerce. Businesses will be randomly selected from a cross section of the 124 chambers belonging to the Alberta Chamber of Commerce.

Survey Information
You are requested to complete an electronic survey comprised of open and close-ended questions that will take no more than fifteen minutes of your time. At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you wish to participate in a follow up semi-structured telephone interview which is designed to elaborate on preliminary findings from the survey.

The information which you provide will be collected and collated in anonymous fashion in the research final report. No information will be attributed to an individual without specific prior consent from the individual concerned. All research findings will be kept confidential. The research final report will be published and housed at Royal Roads University. A copy of the research will be made available to Alberta Chamber of Commerce, as well as Alberta Health Services. All access and distribution will be unrestricted.

You are not, in anyway, compelled to participate in the survey. Your decision not to participate will be kept in confidence. You are also free to withdraw from the survey at any time without repercussion.

By proceeding to the next page and completing the survey, you are giving free and informed consent to participate in this research study. Feel free to print a copy of this consent for your records, if you wish to do so.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience and participation with this research study. Please feel free to use the numbers listed below to contact me at any time with any additional question or concern you may have regarding this survey.

Martin Spriggs 403.512.7313