1. Introduction

The London District is undertaking this survey to help us build an accurate picture of anti-cuts campaigning in London and to enable us to better coordinate Party activity.

Please help us by filling in the survey.

* 1. Name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 3. Branch position held (if applicable):

* 4. Please list the anti-cuts groups you know of in your area:

* 5. Is the local TUC leading the campaign against the cuts?

* 6. Give details of your involvement in these groups either as Communist Party member or as a Communist Party branch involved? (e.g., Chair, Trades Council delegate, affiliate organisation etc.):

* 7. We are building up a directory of key contacts among close allies. Please enter names and contact details (e.g. email addresses) for other key contacts in other anti-cuts/anti-privatisation groups:

* 8. Please give details of any events planned in your area prior to the 26 March: