* 1. Are you an individual artist, a company or a venue?

* 2. As you know, LIT is planning to create and implement a Fund that would provide monies to theater companies, artists, and venues. Listed below are some possible uses that these monies could be put to. Please indicate how important each of these items would be to you as a potential use of the Fund.

  1 (Most Important, please choose one) 2 (Very Important) 3 (Somewhat Important) 4 (A Little Bit Important) 5 (Not Important to Me) N/A
Rehearsal Space Rental
Performance Space Rental
Rent/Lease costs
Materials and Equipment
Capital Improvements
Creation of new work
Artist Compensation
Operating Funds
Show Extensions
Emergency Needs

* 3. Are there uses for this Fund money that are not listed above? Please make suggestions.

* 4. Do you have any questions or comments for the Fund?

Thank you so much for participating.