Pre-Enrollment Assessment Overview

This assessment was developed to determine the English Language, Math and Technical proficiency of trainees interested in participating in Career Programs offered in various disciplines.  The questions below are meant not to challenge prospective trainees, but rather to ensure that they will be successful in the substantive training program.

Exam Structure
The Pre-Enrollment Assessment exam is structured as follows:

English Language Proficiency: 50 Total Questions

     Part 1: Grammar: 15 Questions

     Part 2: Grammar Correction: 15 Questions

     Part 3: Vocabulary: 10 Questions

     Part 4: Reading Comprehension: 10 Questions

Math Proficiency: 25 Total Questions

IT Proficiency: 50 Total Questions

Total Questions: 125

Time Allotted: 90 minutes

Passing Scores
Trainees must pass each Exam (English Language, Math, and IT Proficiency) with a 85% to be enrolled in the course. Trainees with scores less than 85% may be enrolled with a waiver from the program’s account manager.

English Language Proficiency – 50 Total Questions
Minimum of 42 correct questions / 8 incorrect questions

Math Proficiency – 25 Total Questions
Minimum of 21 correct questions / 4 incorrect questions

IT Proficiency – 50 Total Questions
Minimum of 42 correct questions / 8 incorrect questions

Assessment Process
Each trainee will take the Pre-Enrollment Assessment prior to enrolling in any program of study. The program’s account manager will administer and proctor the exam. Exam-takers may not use any type of assistance (no cell phones, reference materials, etc.) All backpacks, notes, cell phones, calculators, etc. must remain under the exam-taker’s seat while taking the exam. Exam-takers will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

Trainees who pass all three sections with a 85% may enroll in the course.
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