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Getting Started 🗺

Thank you for your interest in our Engaging Across Difference Series.

The team at Arts Connect International is proud to support MassArt in this essential work. The series has two tracks, one for students and one for faculty, taking place concurrently. The series includes 1) online learning labs (75mins each, 2 offerings, via Zoom) and 2) an in-person intensive (4hrs for students, 2hrs for faculty, in the JET office at MassArt). Folx who complete the intensive will receive a certificate.

The focus of the online learning labs is to:
1) processing the present (landing with one another, where are we in this world and work),
2) working on practical skills to hold space/capacity for deeper listening (i.e. bridging across differences)

The focus for the intensives are:
1) embodiment,
2) continued processing the present,
3) continued practice on increasing capacity for difficult conversations,
4) rooting in individual and collective healing for liberation,
5) engaging in political education,
6) holding space for deeper processing

Learning objectives of this series include:
1) participants work on strategies and practices to ground themselves, returning to their bodies alongside spirits and minds,
2) participants gain practical skills and strategies to process the present griefs and injustices while centering action,
3) participants increase skill sets for deep listening, approaching conflict with curiosity and care, and compassionate speech,
4) participants engage in political education, gaining a deeper understanding of interconnected liberation movements

The questions asked below are purely for the ACI team to be able to meet folx effectively for this series -- nothing will be shared outside of the ACI facilitation team.

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* 1. What is your first name?

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* 2. What is your last name? 

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* 3. What are your pronouns? [ex: she/her, he/him, they/them, she/they, he/they, xe/xem]

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* 4. What email is best for correspondence?

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* 5. Are you a student, or faculty/staff, at MassArt?

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