BFC is working on solidifying Core Values for our Club.  We want to offer an opportunity for your family to help contribute to what you believe are core values based on our Club Philosophy and what you think is important for building each child's character.  BFC Coaches have been discussing Core Values throughout by developing their own core values or through team discussions. 

BFC Club Philosophy
Blackhills FC is a child centered soccer club that focuses on developing individual skillful, tactically intelligent and competitive soccer players within a team environment. 

A player’s individual qualities are a function of the team and how we play the game is a greater priority than winning the game.  

Our model of game is based on ball retention and recovering the ball as soon as possible to create scoring opportunities.  

We want our athletes to strive for excellence in the classroom, attain their highest level of play, be respectful citizens and outstanding role models that exemplify sportsmanship.

Core values are the foundation of what you do and why you do it. They are anchoring principles that ground you to what’s really important and guide you toward success. They are what you stand for no matter what your circumstances may be or what your win/loss record is. Core values serve as a guide because they are non-negotiable. They serve as the essence of what your program stands for and they are expected to be shared by everyone. Core values are central to your program and the decisions leaders make should revolve around them.

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* 1. Click your Top 6 Core Values (you are welcome to use the comment box to add core values)