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Vox Pop survey on Artist Resale Royalties

Vox Pop (vox populi) – a Latin phrase meaning "voice of the people". Our Creative Vox Pops seek the opinion of creative people, through short surveys and interviews on important issues concerning the creative sector. Our intention is to represent creative practitioners and groups and to spread the word from a ‘people-on-the-ground’ perspective.


The burgeoning secondary arts market has suddenly mushroomed since Covid 19, with an increasing number of auctions turning over millions of dollars’ worth of art sales. Many of the artists whose works sell at auction are still living and most are still practising, and the fact is that none of the funds from sales accrues to the artists whose work is being sold.

In around 80 countries visual artists are entitled to a royalty payment each time an original artwork is resold on the secondary art market. The scheme mirrors the royalties received by other artists, including composers and writers, when their work is reprinted or used in radio, television or film.

It is now 13 years since the Ministry of Culture and Heritage (MCH) produced a discussion paper on Artists Resale Royalties. When first surveyed in NZ in 2007, 65% of respondents supported the plan.

Since 2007, an additional 20 countries have introduced resale royalties. Read more here.

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* 1. Aotearoa NZ should introduce an artist’s resale royalty which commits all entities re-selling works of art to pay a percentage of sales to the artist or their estate.

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* 2. If yes, what should the percentage be?

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* 3. What is the lowest threshold price for Artists Resale Royalties to apply?

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* 4. Further comments

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