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This award is sponsored by the Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts. 
The purpose of this Award is to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of forestry. Individuals, companies, associations, and more are eligible to be nominated for this award.
To be considered for this award, the nominee should:

• Have an approved Forestry Plan
• Have an ongoing record of forestry practices or contributions


To make a nomination for an award, the District should:

• Notify the nominee that the nomination is being made.
• Contact the District Forester to confirm a Forestry Plan is in place.
• Present in narrative form of no more than 500 words (12 point font) an explanation of what the
nominee has accomplished or contributed to forestry. Please include any organizations,
associations or boards on which the participant has served. Also provide, no more than ten,
pictures to highlight points of forestry practices, public appearances, etc.
• AISWCD by-laws require that only Districts in good standing are eligible to complete this award.

Award Package

• Two complimentary meal tickets where award will be presented
• A plaque of recognition


All entries must be submitted to AISWCD by May 15th.

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