Dear Sheriff or Jail Administrator,

                THE ASK:  The National Sheriffs’ Association is seeking your help to assess jails’ needs in order to effectively provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).  We strongly urge you to complete this survey.  The results will be thoroughly analyzed and utilized by our federal, national, and private partners to provide much needed resources and technical assistance to you.  This survey is the first of its kind and is desperately needed. 

                WHAT IS MAT AND WHY SHOULD I BE INTERESTED:  MAT, when coupled with behavioral treatment, is the most current evidence-based practice for recovery from substance use.  With the alarming rate of individuals suffering with mental health and substance use disorders coming in and out of the jail, Sheriffs and jail administrators are in a unique position to initiate treatment in a safe environment.  Effective long-term MAT not only improves medical and mental health outcomes, but it also reduces the high cost of recidivism that results from this disorder.  Additionally, the threat of litigation is upon us for failing to provide MAT within the jail.  Education for our jails on MAT is key as well as having the needed resources so that all jails, from rural to urban, can make informed decisions with the requisite resources and support required. 

                WHO’S DOING IT:  Sheriffs and our jail-based colleagues are taking the lead in this effort, with jail MAT reentry programs in thirty-three states at present.  We urge you to continue taking the lead by assisting NSA in collecting this data that will have a monumental impact on jails nationwide.   

                DUE DATE:  Please complete the survey by COB January 22, 2019.  Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.

                THANK YOU:  Finally, NSA thanks you for your overwhelming support in gathering the data necessary to meet the dire needs of our nation’s jails.  Please contact Carrie Hill or Jessica Vanderpool at or call Jessica at 703-838-5303 with any questions you may have.

Best regards,

Carrie Hill and Jessica Vanderpool
National Sheriffs’ Association