* 1. What is the name of your school?

Please rate the administrator' s performance expectations for each standard listed below:
Performance Expectations for Standard 1:  Vision of Learning

* 2. The administrator involves staff in developing long-term goals of the school.

* 3. The administrator communicates clear, high expectations for all staff and enforces those expectations.

* 4. The administrator communicates the commitment to provide effective instruction and learning opportunities for each student.

Performance Expectations for Standard 2:  School Culture and Instructional Programs

* 5. The administrator encourages and celebrates ALL students who demonstrate improvements and accomplishments.

* 6. The administrator addresses issues the impede student performance, such as, but not limited  to, attendance and discipline.

* 7. The administrator promotes the use of technology to support instruction.

* 8. The administrator holds all educators accountable for quality instruction for all students.

* 9. The administrator encourages the use of research-based teaching strategies.

* 10. The administrator shares relevant and appropriate student and school data and reports with staff to inform and improve instruction.

* 11. The administrator supports staff members' efforts to improve their professional practice that is aligned to their curriculum.

Performance Expectations for Standard 3:  Organizational Systems and Safety

* 12. The administrator ensures that the students have a learning environment that is safe, clean, and conductive to learning.

* 13. The administrator makes efforts to hire and retain high-quality staff members.

* 14. The administrator ensures that new staff members are well supported by effective educators.

* 15. The administrator conducts (or delegates the responsibility to conduct) performance reviews for all staff and provides constructive feedback.

* 16. The administrator encourages collaborative systems of support for staff, including, but not limited to, the allocation of time for professional learning through collaboration with colleagues.

* 17. The administrator develops, monitors, communicates, and follows the school's safety and security plan.

* 18. The administrator is visible and present throughout the school day and during school functions.

Performance Expectations for Standard 4:  Faculty, Families, and Stakeholders

* 19. The administrator engages parents, community members, and other stakeholders in the school's success.

* 20. The administrator ensures that regular communication from school staff and/or administrators is disseminated to parents.

* 21. The administrator informs stakeholders of the rationale for school decisions and seeks to involve them in the decision-making process whenever possible and appropriate.

Performance Expectations for Standard 5:  Ethics and Integrity 

* 22. The administrator acts with integrity and fairness.

* 23. The administrator models professional ethics and communicates the expectation for all staff to professionally practice in an ethical manner.

* 24. The administrator promptly responds to emails, phone calls, and other communications from staff and other stakeholders in a professional manner.

* 25. The administrator maintains appropriate confidentiality regarding staff and student issues and data.

Performance Expectations for Standard 6:  The Educational System

* 26. The administrator keeps abreast of and informs the school staff of educational initiatives at the local, state, and national levels that impact the school.

* 27. The administrator ensures that teachers have supplemental resources to enhance student achievement.


* 28. Please list anything you would like to see change, happen, or improve at your school or in the school district.