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* 1. How often does your company communicate with the FAA?

* 2. How well do you understand the FAA's organizational structure and how the agency operates?

* 3. How knowledgeable are you of FAA regulations, policy, procedures, etc?

* 4. How familiar are you with the FAA surveillance and investigative processes?

* 5. Does your company have processes and procedures for interfacing with the FAA?

* 6. If you answered yes to Question 5, do you believe the process is fast and effective with optimal results?

* 7. Has your company ever received a Letter of Compliance (LOC), a Letter of Investigation (LOI) or been the subject of disciplinary action from the FAA?

* 8. If you answered yes to Question 7, how often does your company's response to the LOC or LOI meet the FAA deadline?

* 9. How aware are you of the resources available on FAA websites to assist operators with their compliance and communication?

* 10. If a training course was available to further educate you on FAA policies and processes, would you attend?

* 11. If a course was available would you prefer that it be conducted onsite (minimum 20 company employees required) at your company's training facilities or held as a local regional event?

* 12. Would your company profit from having employees trained on FAA processes, structure and how to better communicate with the agency?

* 13. If you would like more information about a training course of this nature, as well as a $50 discount good toward attendance fees, please provide your contact information below.