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* 1. Did your IFSP Team give you clear information as to which outcomes were most important to prepare your child for the Discover & Learn Group?

  I'm not sure what the outcomes are We identified some outcomes for the group I am satisfied with the outcomes we picked We have too many outcomes We didn't get the goals I wanted

* 2. Did you feel the information you received about what to expect from the Discover & Learn Group was adequate for you to make your choice?

  I received no information I received a little information Information was clear I received adequate information Received too much information

* 3. Were the Group sessions well organized and prepared each time you and your child attended?

  Not Prepared Somewhat Prepared Adequately Prepared Prepared & Organized perfectly Prepared beyond expectation

* 4. Did your child gain the skills from the group experience that you expected?

  Gained no Skills Gained a few Skills Gained Skills Gained Expected Skills Gained More Skills than Expected

* 5. Did you feel the homework assignments were valuable to your child's growth toward his/her outcomes?

  We did not receive homework Homework was not related to goals Homework was important to goals We had too much homework We would have liked more homework

* 6. What did your child learn that surprised you the most?

* 7. What would you like to have seen your child learn that he/she did not learn within this group experience?

* 8. General comments about the program that could help us to improve the experience for future sessions?

* 9. Would you recommend this group experience to other parents for their children?