Mayland Community College, Avery Campus

The Avery Learning Center of Mayland Community College strives to be your educational gateway to opportunity. Whether you have a love of fun life long learning classes or are seeking skills which can enhance or lead to employment opportunities, we want to be of service to you. Please take the time to share you opinions regarding the Avery Learning Center as well as any class ideas you might have. We want to hear from you!

* 1. The principal focus of Mayland Community College is the education of students.

* 2. I have access to Avery County Administration and Staff if I have a need.

* 3. Courses and programming at the Avery Campus are adequate and fit the needs of the community.

* 4. Mayland Community College instructors are competent and qualified.

* 5. I am proud to say I am or have been a student at Mayland Community College, Avery Campus.

* 6. Do you prefer day or evening classes?

* 7. Do you prefer weekday or weekend classes?

* 8. Classes from which occupational categories would most benefit residents of Avery County?

* 9. What is your overall view of students completing classes with the Avery Learning Center of Mayland Community College?

* 10. Do you have a special talent you would be willing to share with the Avery Learning Center of Mayland Community College? If so, what is your expertise or talent?