Tasman District Council have at last started on planning the district's response to future sea level rise.  They are asking for community input.
Here's a link to the web page.
They are treading carefully, which gives us the chance to let them know, right at the start of the process, what's needed for the long term well-being of Waimea Inlet.
Their attention will inevitably be focused on the effects of sea level rise on the people of the District.  However, their increasing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection means that they are also likely to listen to and act on our concerns about the future health of the Inlet.
The Waimea Inlet Strategy says we will develop "a strategic response to maintain natural functions of the inlet and representative habitats, under changing conditions of sea level".  This is our chance to do so.

What would you like us to say in our submission?  If you have concerns that you want us to cover, please put your comments in the boxes below and we'll use them to guide what matters we discuss in the submission.

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Please do it before Friday 16 August 2019 to give us time to pull our submission together.  If you let us know before then, you can give us more detail later.

If you prefer not to fill in this form, you can send an e-mail directly to David Sissons
Start by having a look at the Council's interactive map

The Council has put an interactive map in its website.  It allows you to zoom into any part of Waimea Inlet and its surrounds to see what areas could be flooded by sea level increases, from 1/2 metre to 2 metres.

It also shows the many stop banks and revetments around the Inlet that currently prevent flooding by extreme tides.  Because of those, not all of the areas shown as being flooded would actually be flooded.

For real-world comparison, the flooding during Cyclone Fehi on 1 February 2018 was the equivalent of a 1 metre rise in MHWS. (the solid green colour on the map for that scenario).  In most places, the stop banks held it back, although they were breached in a few places.

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* What planning do you think is needed to protect the ecology and the wildlife of the Inlet in the face of sea level rise?

Type your comments in the box below.

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* Have you got comments on particular areas?

Sea level rise is likely to alter the ecology of all of the inlet above the current low water mark, as the length of time that the intertidal flats are covered by seawater will increase, and the extent of the area flooded in extreme tides will increase.

Above the present high tide level, six types of shoreline will be affected.  Check them out on the interactive map.
  1. The almost-flat land from Reservoir Creek to Landsdown Road, on across the Waimea River and to just west of the delta of Eves Valley Stream.  A lot of this is currently protected by stop banks or revetments.  Most is rural land, with patches of urban land in the east,
  2. The indented coastal spurs and valleys westwards from just west of the delta of Eves Valley Stream to below Mapua's Langford Drive,
  3. The urban Mapua shoreline,
  4. Rabbit and Rough Islands, for which we recently helped with the detailed management plan,
  5. Bell Island and its sewage treatment plant,
  6. Bests Island, which is mostly privately owned.
This is just the part lying within Tasman District.  This consultation does not cover areas within Nelson City, such as the airport, Whakatu Drive shoreline, Tahuna Beach, Oyster Island and Saxton Island.

As well as general concerns, do you have concerns about aspects of any of these areas?

If so, please put your comments in the box below, with a reference to the number of each area.  You can leave the box blank if you have no comment.

Do you want to give us more help?

They want our comments before mid September.  It's a big subject, so some of you may like to join a small working group to co-ordinate our response.

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Please comment only on things that will affect the Inlet. If you want to make other comments, please make them directly to TDC, on the TDC website.

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