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The Clear Creek Conservation District (CCCD) is one of thirty four conservation districts statewide and encompasses nearly 1.5 million acres in Northern Johnson County. 
Conservation Districts are a local political subdivision responsible for providing leadership in developing and implementing natural resource conservation programs and projects within the district boundaries.
We have been providing assistance to our community for 75 years.  We provide technical and financial assistance for services and programs that assist our constituents in addressing  natural resource concerns.  For additional highlights on District projects, please see our website at:
The District is now in the process of updating our Long Range Plan for 2023-2028. We need your input to help prioritize our conservation efforts in northern Johnson County.  CCCD programs and services address diverse natural resource concerns on private lands, through voluntary participation.
Please take this opportunity to voice your opinion on natural resource concerns and help the District prioritize our efforts for the next five years by filling out this survey. A public meeting will be held to present survey results.
The conservation district is governed by a board of five (5) locally elected supervisors.  These supervisors serve the community and district voluntarily without pay. 
Clear Creek Conservation District Supervisors:
· Ryan Fieldgrove, Chair
· Jay Foss, Vice-Chair
· Virgie Watt, Secretary/Treasurer
· Lara Schuman, Member
· Travis Baker Member
District Staff:
· Zach Byram, District Manager
· Mandy Hulet District Clerk-Education Coordinator
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