1. Child/Parent Survey for $50 Target card

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. This information helps us improve our programs. We hope you and your child talk about the Blue Apple musical: NO MORE SECRETS: THE MUSICAL

(Discussion guides & family activities can be found on our web site. www.blueappleplayers.org. Click on Touring Musicals, then Lesson Plans)

1. Please answer the question below with your child.
2. Submit your answers (or print this survey and return by mail)
3. Blue Apple will draw the $50 Target gift card winner by Monday, December 2, 2013.

1. Questions for Student:

My favorite song or other part of the play was:

2. Check the sentence that sounds like it is describing you:

3. Write about one thing you learned during the show. (Parents can help you type)

4. Questions for Parent/Guardian:

  Not important Somewhat important Very important
How important is it for you that your child sees live theater?

5. Based on your conversation with your child, what do you see is the value or benefit of him/her seeing a Blue Apple Players performance?

6. Did you see a Blue Apple musical when you were a child? Over 3 million children (now adults) have seen Blue Apple over our 36 year history.

7. If yes, please share any memories of that experience if you wish.

8. Please provide a way for us to contact you about the Gift Certificate Drawing. (Your information will not be given to a 3rd party).

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Don't forget to visit our website for discussion guides and family activities. We love receiving pictures or letters from children about their Blue Apple experience! Please mail them to:

Blue Apple Players
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Phone: 502-587-7990 or 800-587-7990