1. General Survey

This survey contains sensitive but not personally identifying questions in response to Boobquake and related issues.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary, but it is asked that if you do participate, you answer all questions as honestly as you can.

I will be conducting a statistical analysis of the results and posting them on http://unlikelyhypothesis.blogspot.com once data has been collected and analysed.

Due to the nature of the questions, only persons above the age of 18 should participate. Further to this, you are advised that this data may be used in other statistical research by me with the results posted on the same blog. If this happens, I will post a note on that blog for your information.

The researcher may be contacted at unlikelyhypothesis@gmail.com

* 1. Did you participate in Boobquake on 26th April, 2010?

* 2. Please select all that best describe what you did on on 26th April, 2010

* 3. Where did you participate in or attend Boobquake?

* 4. Please select the option which best reflects your gender identification.

* 5. Please select the option which best reflects your sexual or romantic orientation.

* 6. Please select the option which best reflects your spiritual identification.

* 7. How big are your breasts in Australian cup sizes? (all genders may respond)

* 8. Please indicate how true each statement is of you.

  Not true Mostly not true Neither true or false Mostly true True
On 26th April, 2010 I exposed my cleavage or flesh more than usually have since 1st January, 2010
On 26th April, 2010 I was more flirtatious or sexually active than I usually have been since 1st January, 2010
On 26th April, 2010 I spent more than 6 hours outdoors or away from my home
On 26th April, 2010 I was sexually aroused by seeing other people's cleavage or exposed flesh
I was familiar with geological theories concerning earthquakes before 26th April, 2010
I believe that women were created to help men
I believe that society is experiencing moral decay due to sexually liberal practices
My current beliefs are very similar to the beliefs I was exposed to during childhood

* 9. I became aware of Boobquake through the following (select all that apply):