Background Information

* 1. What is your age, gender, religious affiliation, and ethnicity/race?

* 2. Please describe the best you can what constitutes "evil."

* 3. Does evil manifest itself in a physical form, such as, demons or the devil?

* 4. If yes to the previous question, are people influenced by this physical form of evil?

* 5. Is it possible for human beings to have no redeeming qualities and be completely evil?

* 6. Are people born evil, or does human nature create evil?

* 7. An evil act occurs when-

* 8. If an act of evil is committed without intent of it being evil or malevolent, is it still considered an evil act?

* 9. Please rate on a scale of 1-10

  Not at all Average Greatly
How much evil exists in the world?
How much does your background (religion, ethnicity, etc) affect your view of evil?
How often would you say that you do something evil in a year?
A month?
A week?
How often do you practice your religion?

* 10. Is evil ever justifiable?