1. Trades / Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance offers professional services that include: electrical services, mechanical services, electrical/mechanical & elevator services, structural services, grounds/waste management, power plant and energy management and the vehicle pool.

* 1. Are you:

* 2. Select one trade group at a time - complete the survey. You may then return to the start and select another trade area. Continue until all trades you are thinking of have been surveyed.

* 3. Please indicate how long it took for a response to your request for maintenance repairs:

* 4. Please indicate how long it took for a response to your request for a minor upgrade. (Department funded repairs and actuations under $5,000.)

* 5. Please rate your satisfaction with our services:

  Very Dissatisfied Very Satisfied Not Sure
Physical Plant staff were courteous
Response time for maintenance repairs
Reasonable notification of service interruptions and shutdowns
Received notification of delays once work has started
Received scheduling information to minimize interruptions to regular daily activities
Being notified of completion of the work
Notified that someone responded to your request even if you were not present when the repairs were performed
Physical Plant trades personnel are/were easily identifiable
Quality of workmanship
Physical and environmental conditions of your building
Quality of service you received compared to 12 months ago
Overall level of service

* 6. How can we improve our services to you?

* 7. What aspects of the trade services have you appreciated in the past year?

* 8. What do you feel are the maintenance priorities-preventative or otherwise- in your area?

* 9. Are you aware of any other trade group who worked on this project?

* 10. Select all trades that apply: