Thank you for participating in Kent ISD's Career Readiness Spring Industry Tour Series. Please complete this evaluation and help us improve the program in the future for students and employer partners. We appreciate your time and honesty!

* 1. Please evaluate the following statements:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
My mentor hosts were well-prepared.
This experience increased my understanding career opportunities.
This experience will help me plan my class selection during high school.
This experience will help me make plans for my education after I graduate high school.
Based on my participation in this event, I am going to continue exploring career options in this field.

* 2. The one hour and 30 minute length of the tour was:

* 3. Please select the company you visited.

* 4. Please rate the tour based on the following categories.

  Absolutely Somewhat Not at all
Participating in this event was worthwhile
The tour related to careers I am interested in
The host was passionate about the industry
The tour was interesting, there was a lot to see

* 5. Briefly describe the type of work you observed during the experience:

* 6. What did you like best about the tour?

* 7. What did you like least about the tour experience?

* 8. What other career-related things would you like to explore, see, do, etc.?

* 9. Please provide your name, phone, and email address if you would would like to receive information about future events being hosted by the Career Readiness team at Kent ISD.