This online submission form is used to capture innovative practices that JCI accredited organizations are demonstrating. Approved practices will be shared as resources in the Leading Practice Library for other JCI healthcare organizations to continue their quality and patient safety efforts. 
  • Only currently JCI accredited or certified organizations can submit a practice.
  • Please a new separate online forms for each, different practice. Do not submit more than one practice per form.
  • You must submit attachments that clearly detail your practice  (not only the submission form). These supplemental materials will be uploaded to the Library, so please write it as instructional and informative as possible.
  • Please include evidenced-based references related to the projects/practices within the supplemental materials.
  • All supplemental materials must be on Microsoft Word and each attached file cannot be bigger than 16MB.
  • Do not include PHI or PII.
  • The submission form questions must be completed in English. You may submit supplemental materials for the practice in other languages, but you must include an English translated version for JCI to review. Both language versions could be posted if the practice is accepted. Any submissions that do not include an English version will not be accepted. 
Please review all policies and disclaimers in Direct Connect prior to submitting a practice. Not all entries may be accepted or may require editing prior to approval. Below are the questions/topics that will be asked about. 

What problem did this solve or improvement did it achieve? Where was this practice implemented?
Applicable JCI Chapters What personnel were involved?
Successes and challenges Evidenced-based references used
Measures to assure sustainability and success Resource intensity
Thank you!
25% of survey complete.