1. Grounds Operaitons & Waste/Recycling Management

The Grounds Services are responsible for the maintenance of hard surfaces and soft landscaped areas in keeping with seasonal adjustments. Operators' responsibilities include grass maintenance, asphalt repair, signs, fences, sidewalks, winter control, athletic facilities, seasonal clean up and garbage removal. Grounds Operations also include snow plowing and salting of roads, parking lots and sidewalks.

The Waste/Recycling Services retrieve recyclable materials from approximately 130 loading docks on campus. Materials include fluorescent bulbs, electronic equipment, beverage containers, scrap metals, cardboard, and paper products. Western diverts approximately 2.6 million pounds of material from the waste stream to a renewable resource each year.

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The overall appearance of the campus grounds
The response time to grounds cleanup requests
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Snow removal operations
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Interior recycling collection
Exterior recycling collection
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