New Online HSP Community

As a psychotherapist and educator specializing in the trait of high sensitivity, I've been listening to what you need and many of you wanted a more private space to connect. I am excited to create a special private HSP community (not on distracting/chaotic social media and ad-free) and with it's own online platform & app so you can easily access it and have the information you need, free trainings and Q/A about the sensitivity trait from me to help you reduce the challenges and increase access to your gifts, as well as a place to connect with other sensitive people with the same interests. Please tell me what topics you would be interested in below. Thank you! 

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* 1. Of the following topics, please click on all the ones that are of interest to you and add in any other topics that you would also be interested in:

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* 2. Are you interested in being a part of this private HSP community that Julie is building for HSPs? It also includes it's own app so it is accessible online or through the app on your devices.

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* 3. has launched! To get a special invite while we are still offering a 7-day free trial, please enter your email address. 

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* 4. Thank you for your time. I want to continue to help highly sensitive people reduce their challenges and access all the amazing gifts. Guiding HSPs toward their highest potential is my calling. Watching you all bloom in the world is the most beautiful thing.

I know, without a doubt, an HSP with the right information and tools will transform, access their gifts and make the world better because you are good for the world. It is my mission to get you living in your highest potential. Everyone around you benefits when you are at your most balanced, restored, authentic self. I love teaching you how to get there.

Sensitive people are kind, compassionate, empathetic, supportive and genuine people. Being in a group of them makes you see those qualities better in yourself too.

As an HSP I want the space to be positive and meaningful so I’m excited about this new platform that will feel like moving into a new home that you love. I hope you’ll come join me in this beautiful HSP community.

Do you have anything you would like to share with me?