Dear Fellow Workers,

Thank you for your participation in the 2021 Annual Membership Survey of the North American Regional Administration (NARA) of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The data collected from this survey will be analyzed by the Survey and Research Committee (SRC), a committee of NARA's Organizing Department.

The membership survey has been re-designed to provide more and better quality socio-demographic and economic data on IWW NARA members, as members and as workers. It is intended as a census of our membership in terms of industry, occupation, demographics, union activity, labor force participation, and workplace union and organizing activity. As was done in the 2018 membership survey, the 2021 survey collects attitudinal and qualitative data on new member experiences, union climate and anti-oppression work. 2021 also adds more open-ended questions on member perspectives. Data being collected for the first time in 2021 is intended as a baseline for future surveys, while data being collected for the second time can be linked to the 2018 baseline.

We encourage all members to complete at least the first module on Member Information and Demographics (our "census short form"). This should take approximately 15 minutes. The other survey modules are optional. The time required for each ranges from about 5 to 20 minutes. We encourage you to complete as many of these modules as you can.

You are welcome to submit new responses at a later date in order to complete missing modules, making sure to use your membership number (also referred to as an X-Number) but otherwise skipping previously completed modules, as these can be later all merged into one record. 

You can review and correct your responses by navigating with the PREV and NEXT buttons at the bottom of each page as required. 

Optional Modules:

1. Union Activities and Interests
2. Employment Status and History
3. Workplace Union Representation and Organizing
4. New Member Perspectives
5. Perspectives on Union Climate
6. Perspectives on Anti-Oppression Work in the Union
7. Open-Ended Questions
The SRC follows these practices in relation to the survey:

1. The SRC will analyze the data and compile summary statistics that will be included in a detailed report and be made available to the entire IWW NARA membership. 

2. Only the appointed members of the SRC and any additional members chosen by them to assist with the data analysis will have access to the total raw data collected by the survey. All such members will be required to sign confidentiality agreements. 

3. The SRC shares results with the Organizing Department Board (ODB) that may be helpful for organizing purposes. The SRC is charged with administering custom research requests or queries of the Membership Survey Database. 

4. The SRC shares results with the General Executive Board (GEB) after it has been stripped of identifying characteristics such as names, X-Numbers, and contact info. 

5. The SRC recommends that the GEB or their designee should decide what information from the report, if any, will be made publicly available. 

The SRC is an official body of the IWW and is committed to handling all membership data professionally and confidentially. Your answers are at all times treated as private. Record linkage with the NARA membership database using your X-Number will be possible, which may be used for data validation, as well as to enable longitudinal analysis (tracking changes for the same members over time). 

A confidentiality agreement is signed with General Headquarters (GHQ) for limited use of and access to the membership database. The SRC and IWW are prohibited from disclosing any information that could enable the identification of individuals and/or compromise their privacy. 

If you have questions, concerns or feedback about the survey, you can reach the SRC at: 

For the One Big Union, 

Survey and Research Committee