This survey is being used to assess the congregation's general knowledge of the budget and finances of the church and solicit your opinion on how to better communicate this going forward.

* 1. NHUMC has both an operating budget for everyday activities and a budget for the mortgage payments on the building. Do you feel the church has appropriately communicated these two items?

* 2. We have run capital campaigns that have covered the mortgage payments and the initial down payment (We currently have pledge commitments through 2014) Do you feel that that congregation as a whole understands that our mortgage obligation is for 20 years?

* 3. The current operating budget is $871,276. In addition we are required to make annual principal and interest payments on the mortgage of $215,976. Would you prefer the church combine these two amounts to show one overall budget or keep them separate?

* 4. How would you like to see information about our budget and spending communicated?