1. Blood Donor Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete our Blood Donor Survey. Please know that your feedback will be used as a tool to help us improve our customer service. Thank you for helping save lives through the American Red Cross.

* 1. Blood Drive / Donor Center Name: (optional)

* 2. Date of Donation: (optional)

* 3. Upon arriving at your preferred blood donation site, were you greeted by an American Red Cross representative?

* 4. Was your American Red Cross phlebotomist’s nametag visible?

* 5. Did your American Red Cross phlebotomist introduce himself or herself to you?

* 6. Did your American Red Cross phlebotomist engage you in conversation?

* 7. Were you thanked for coming in to donate blood by the phlebotomist at any time during your donation experience?

* 8. Upon leaving the blood drive, did you feel appreciated?

* 9. Please rate your American Red Cross phlebotomist(s) on the following criteria: (1 being the worst and 5 being the best)

  Worst Neutral Best

* 10. Please rate your overall donation experience.

  Extremely Unpleasant Unpleasant Neutral Pleasant Extremely Pleasant
Overall Donation Experience