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* 1. I will take part in the 2009 Cornell Orchestra tour to Ireland. The tour dates are as follows;
1/6-7 rehearsal in Ithaca
1/8 travel day to Ireland
1/9 arrival in Shannon, Ireland
1/10 sight seeing and collaboration in Limerick, Ireland
1/11 concert at University Concert Hall in Limerick
1/12 rehearsal with RIAM, 1/2 day sight seeing in Dublin
1/13 conducting masterclass at RIAM, 1/2 day sight seeing in Dublin
1/14 concert at Christ Church in Dublin, 1/2 day sight seeing
1/15 concert at third Irish City TBA
1/16 travel day back to Ithaca

* 2. The orchestra board needs your help in fundraising activities to lower the per person cost of the tour. Without any fundraising activities the per person cost will be about $1800. Are you willing to take part in fund raising activities?

* 3. The time line for payment schedule for the tour is as follows;
9/30 $200 deposit airline ticket
10/30 $200 deposit for lodging
11/30 $200 deposit for bus and local transport
1/6 balance due (remainder of the tour cost not met by fundraising activities)
Are you able to meet these payment schedule for the tour?

* 4. My instrument is