1. Teamwork

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* 1. For each attribute listed below, please rate the employee with respect to teamwork.

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent N/A or Don't Know
Capitalizes on individual strengths (e.g. functional abilities, technical abilities, decision-making abilities...)
Formulates a collaborative climate through cooperation, team spirit and FUN!!
Uses fact-based judgments
Communicates openly and honestly
Understands subtle messages through tone and physical reactions that may not always be obvious
Generates unified commitment by focusing on team vs. personal goals
Understands and values individual differences (e.g. Stage of Development, Natural Behaviors, Methods of Learning, Motivational Style, Communication Styles...)
Actively participates to achieve a results-driven structure
Shares time, knowledge and credit with other team members
Creates a positive team environment
Questions and challenges teammates to achieve the best for the organization
Determines standards of excellence
Stimulates group synergy
Demonstrates compassion and caring for others, balances relationships with intellect and heart
Measures key criteria for improvement
Builds trusting relationships
Continually raises the bar for on-going improvement
Encourages cross department/function alliances
Respects and supports team members
Celebrates team successes

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* 2. Please include any additional comments you may have pertaining to the employee with respect to teamwork.