Businesses in North Adams

The North Adams City Council is looking to collect data as a follow up to the General Government committee meeting held Wednesday April 4, 2018. The sole purpose of this survey is to allow consumers and businesses in the city to offer insight as we move forward to be a more sustainable and socially responsible municipality for the future of our citizens.

* 1. What is your business (business name and type of business)?

* 2. Does your business use single-use plastic

* 3. How much does your business rely on single-use
plastic bags?

* 4. How many single-use plastic bags does your
business provide to customers per day?

* 5. Do you support efforts to reduce theĀ 
use of plastic bags?

* 6. If your municipality banned single-use
plastic bags, how would you feel?

* 7. If your municipality imposed a fee on single-use
plastic bags, how would you feel?

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this survey. This data will be used to assess the usage of plastic bags and to better understand the perspective of citizens and business owners in North Adams.