The Sustainable Digitalisation Project (SDP) is a collaboration of industry, government and academic sustainability and digital leaders with the purpose of making digitalisation in real estate and cities responsible, ethical and sustainable.

The purpose of the SDP’s Sustainable Digitalisation Investment initiative is to establish a set of sustainable digitalisation ESG investment indicators that investors can use to better engage with their investee companies on their approach to digitalisation risk and opportunity management and governance. 

The SDP invites you to participate in the Sustainable Digitalisation Investment initiative by responding to the following questions. This will inform a draft set of sustainable digitalisation indicators for real estate and infrastructure investments.

We encourage you to read the Working Paper [click here to download] before commencing this survey.

Your individual responses will remain confidential.

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* 1. Contact information

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* 2. What digitalisation-driven ESG issues does your organisation see as potentially relevant when making investment decisions or when engaging with your real asset investment managers?

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* 3. Have you examined materiality or saliency for any digitalisation-driven ESG issues? Please explain your answer.

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* 4. What issues do you see as priorities?

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* 5. What indicators are you using, or could you foresee using, to understand and monitor any of these issues in your real asset investment portfolio?

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* 6. Anything else you’d like to add to illustrate your answers?

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* 7. Would you be willing to participate in a short interview regarding your thinking and/or approach on this topic?

Thank you for your response.

About the Sustainable Digitalisation Project (SDP)

The SDP exists to start the shift to sustainable digitalisation for the real estate sector and Australian cities. It is a multi-disciplinary collaboration and foremost a thought leadership group. It was born out of the response to a publication called "Crossing the Threshold – a primer for sustainable digitalisation in real estate and cities", and the recognition that industry and government needed an agenda around responsibility, ethics and sustainability with digitalisation in the built environment.

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