Last August 2019, Anaheim First launched a series of Town Hall meetings to seek community input that would help prioritize potential projects that transform the vitality and livability of each neighborhood in Anaheim. Meetings were held in each of the six (6) Districts and the Town Hall feedback was consolidated with ​ the online survey and mapping activity results. This effort lead to the identification of nearly 40 priority projects (six per District).

In January 2020, the second round of Town Hall meetings was conducted. Residents were asked to select and rank their top four (4) priorities, based on recommended ways to address the identified community issues or needs. The results of the survey and recommendations for Year 1 spending will be ​available for review prior to their presentation to the City Council in the Spring.

In order to give those who were unable to participate in the second round of Town Hall meetings, we are opening an on-line poll on our website for the next two weeks.

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* 3. Please rank the following priorities from 1 to 4, with 1 being your top priority

Please note: All projects are recommendations and will require further analysis and adoption by the City Council.

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* 4. You may provide additional improvement ideas for consideration (be location-specific)

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