Welcome to the Broadband Service Verification Questionnaire!

This survey is only 16 questions long and will take less than 2 minutes to complete. The information is confidential. The data will only be used for the purpose of verifying where high speed internet is and is not offered across the State of Maine. More information about this initiative is provided at the end of the survey.

Thank you in advance for you participation.

* 1. Was this survey sent to your home or office in paper form?

Please enter your physical address:

* 2. Street Address:

* 3. City:

* 4. State:

* 5. Zip Code:

* 6. Do you subscribe to internet service?

If your answer to Question 6 is No, please proceed to Question 12, otherwise proceed to Question 7.

* 7. What form of internet service do you purchase?

* 8. Who is your internet service provider?

* 9. Does this provider meet the level advertised internet speed for the plan you subscribe?

* 10. Have you ever purchased internet service from another provider at this same address?

* 11. If Yes, please list the name of the previous provider(s)...

* 12. If you do not currently have internet service, have you attempted, in the past, to aquire service at this address but were unable to locate a providing company?

* 13. In the past, has an internet provider tested access to the internet at this address?

* 14. If Yes, please list the name of the service provider...

* 15. Was the internet connection test successful?

* 16. If you do not subscribe to high speed internet, but it IS available, what is the reason you do not subscribe?

* 17. If Other, please explain...

* 18. Any other comments about your internet or this survey?

The ConnectME authority has established a website where you can perform a test of internet speed for your location.


Access to this site does require a device capable of running flash applications such as a laptop or desktop computer. The test tool is not currently supported by smart phone devices.

To learn more about this project please visit our websites:
Thank you for taking the time to help shape the future development of broadband service in Maine.

Have a great day!