1. Post Camp Highlander Survey

We appreciate your attendance at Camp Highlander. In effort to ensure a positive transition to middle school, please complete the survey.

* 1. Your name: First and Last Name

* 2. Please rate the following experiences at Camp Highlander.

  Strongly Agree Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly Disagree
I know the location of Highlander Hall.
I know the location of the bus circle and cafeteria.
I know how to properly open a lock for my locker.
I know at least one smart choice strategy.
I learned the importance of time management.
I learned organizational tips I can use when school starts.
I know how to make smart choices about choosing friends.
The sessions were overall helpful to me as a new student.
The teachers were courteous and helpful.
Overall, I would recommend Camp Highlander to incoming six grade students.

* 3. What was the best part about Camp Highlander?

* 4. What was the most difficult part about Camp Highlander?

* 5. What other topics should we include as Camp Highlander classes?

* 6. List any additional questions or concerns.