Cascade embraces sustainability for many reasons. Understanding how we measure up on the issues important to our stakeholders and our business is crucial to Cascade’s long term success. Gathering and analyzing internationally-recognized metrics enables us to put the processes and policies in place to improve our overall performance.

Cascade invites all of our stakeholders to participate in this survey.  The feedback collected through this stakeholder engagement process will be used for our sustainability planning and reporting.  Stakeholder engagement is a valuable process that helps us identify the issues material to our stakeholders and our organization. It also helps us to continually align our efforts with the goals and expectations of our stakeholders.

The survey should only take about 10 minutes of your time.  The feedback from all the surveys will be an important element in the development and implementation of our sustainability report and strategy.   

Cascade is most grateful for your participation. Please respond no later than Friday October 20.

With best regards,
Cascade Environmental Sustainability Leadership Council