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As you know, with an acute focus on the health and safety of your campers and our staff, we've made major changes to our 2020 programs to ensure camper safety while still offering exciting and empowering programs. As a result of these changes, you can choose:

I want to transfer my credit and use it for alternative Avid4 Adventure options this summer. We will give you 100% credit - good for the next 3 years (through summer 2023).

I need to completely cancel my registration(s) for this summer. You will receive 80% of your purchase price back - we will process a 70% refund of your registration fees and apply a 10% credit to your account. Your credit is good for any Avid4 Adventure camp for the next three years. Why not a 100% refund? Although we run camps that happen in the summer, we have vital expenses throughout the year, including payroll, facility costs, insurance, and much more. With over 25% of the year behind us, we simply must retain a portion of your registration fees to cover our unrecoverable business costs and ensure the survival of our mission.

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* 3. We have already transferred 100% of your purchases into your account as credit.  We know that you are interested in a refund: