About the Good Men Project

Hills Community Aid would like to have conversations with local men aged 16 and over about their views on relationships, respect and gender stereotypes in order to challenge negative messages about masculinity.
We believe that good men can help create change in society by being positive role models to other men and boys, and by promoting equal and respectful relationships.

The project will consist of a collection of photos and quotes from interviews with men who participate. These photos and quotes will be uploaded to the Hills Community Aid Facebook and Instagram, as well as being published in the local area. 
Interviews may be conducted via this online survey, or by email, phone or video call. If you prefer to have a conversation in a format other than this survey, please provide your name and contact details below and a Hills Community Aid representative will contact you. 
We would be grateful if each participant could please email a photograph of themselves to safecommunities@hca.org.au.
All information provided as part of the Good Men Project will be stored securely and it will not be shared, except for the purposes of the project. Participation is entirely voluntary.
If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must give their permission for you to participate.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Good Men Project, please contact Hills Community Aid's Safer Communities Worker on 0415 337 638 or safecommunities@hca.org.au. 
Thank you for your participation, your opinions are important to us.
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