* 1. Please provide your first and last name.

* 2. What is your major(s)?

* 3. What is your minor(s)?

* 4. What are your plans following graduation?

* 5. If you are pursuing employment, have you already secured a job?

* 6. If you answered yes, where will you be employed, and what is your job title?

* 7. If you answered yes to employment, is your job connected to an internship you completed while at NWU?

* 8. Did you complete an internship while attending Nebraska Wesleyan? If yes, where?

* 9. If you plan to attend graduate/professional school, what school and program have you selected?

* 10. If you are not pursuing graduate/professional school next year, do you plan to within 2 years, 5 years, 10 years?

* 11. What professor(s) had the most profound impact on you and why?

* 12. Briefly comment on your Nebraska Wesleyan experience. (Consider commenting on the value of your education, financial aid, personal attention, memorable experiences).

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