Are they fit for purpose?

Dear participant,

Many thanks for looking at yet another questionnaire! We are doing a piece of research into whether WPBAs are fit for purpose in psychiatric training and we are keen to hear your views.

Our aims are:
- to see what trainees and trainers think of the current WPBA system
- to find out what are the positives and negatives in the current system
- to learn how would you change the present WBA system to improve it
- to see what purpose you think WPBAs fulfil

This research has approval from both the Severn Deanery and the 2gether Trust (host trust for researchers) Research and Development Department. It was not considered to require NHS Research Ethics Committee Review as it is ‘staff-based’.

The data from the questionnaire will be anonymised – we will only ask you to tell us whether you are a core trainee, higher trainee or a consultant supervisor. In returning the questionnaire you will be consenting to the anonymised data being used in an aggregated form for publication in the future. Members of the educational faculty within the Severn Deanery will have access to anonymised data for the purposes of analysis.

We intend to use results from the questionnaire to steer an action research focus group. Data from the questionnaire and the focus group may be used in an aggregated form for both publication and to feed into Royal College of Psychiatrists' development plans for WPBAs via the Psychiatric Trainees' Committee and thus hopefully contribute to national improvement of WPBAs.

Data obtained from both questionnaire and focus group will be treated confidentially, according to Caldicott principles (The Caldicott Report, 1997), although in theory no patient-related data will be raised within the research. It will be stored in a locked office, and computerised data will be held on a password protected PC.

If you have any other questions prior to participation, please don’t hesitate to ask either Emma Phillips ( or Amjad Uppal (

We hope your responses will feed back into a national debate at College level about the future of WPBAs. Tell us what you think and why...have your say now!

* 1. Are you?

* 2. What do you think is the current purpose of workplace based assessments (WPBAs)?

* 3. What would you keep from the current system of WPBAs and why?

* 4. What would you change about the current system of WPBAs and why?

* 5. What would you get rid of completely from the current system of WPBAs and why?

* 6. In an ideal world, what purpose would WPBAs have for you?

* 7. Any other comments?